Friday, April 29, 2011

An entertaining idea

You would think turning on a TV would be an easy thing to do. Apparently not so, in our motorhome.
The motorhome we bought—a 1998 Newmar Dutch Star diesel pusher we have affectionately dubbed “Baby”—came with what we thought was an upgraded entertainment center. It had a 30” flat screen name brand television, along with a sophisticated sound system and DVD player. It also had the motorhome’s original 13” TV in the bedroom. The TVs and DVD player were hooked up to an expensive switching system that accessing the antenna, cable, or DVD-player, to play into the main cabin, bedroom, or even outside. Great! Except that we couldn’t get the televisions to work using the antenna.
It finally dawned on us that the old bedroom TV wasn’t digital, and since we didn’t have a converter box, it would not work off the antenna. But the flat screen? We never could figure that one out. It was a pretty expensive set, and since it was a relatively new flat screen, most likely it was digital. But no matter what Jim did, he couldn’t make it work.
So, we decided to buy a new television. My idea was to get a new TV for the main cabin (and maybe one for the bedroom). Jim’s idea was a little more expensive. We ended up with a whole new entertainment system: a 37” LCD, a blue-ray wireless DVD player capable of downloading movies from Netflix (should we decide to join), and a stereo receiver with a good radio. We also opted to buy a new 19” LED (very lightweight) set for the bedroom.
That impressive-looking 30” Aquos TV set? Well, not to worry; it will be put to good use. It will become a very big monitor. We won’t be using it in our motorhome, though. There just isn’t enough room. We’re discovering that planning to live in a motorhome will mean making compromises. But that’s the topic of another blog.
Until next time

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