Saturday, December 12, 2020

Cool fishing

Jacksonville isn't in Florida; it's in south Georgia. Well, not really. But we experience continental weather, not the "Florida" weather northerners think about when they imagine Florida in the winter. 

We have been lucky the last few winters--especially last winter when we didn't even have a killing frost. Not so, this year. We've had frost on the ground, which has caused several of our perennials to shed their leaves earlier than usual. So far, the banana trees and the papayas have resisted the cold weather.

The cold has gone away for a few days, and we have been able to go fishing (without freezing). Thursday it was so nice--no wind and near 70--we decided to hit the beach and do some surf fishing.
The ocean was quite calm with clear water on Thursday.

The water was clear and calm. I let Jim get wet; he's better at casting far distances than I anyway. We weren't super-lucky, but we did bring home three whitings, which made for a great dinner. 
Jim pulled in these three whiting when we went surf fishing Thursday.

 Friday we took a boat out and tried out luck. 
This little guy is a redfish. Great eating, but he was too little.
We threw him, as well as an undersized spotted trout I caught, back into the marsh.

No keepers, but I hooked my first (undersized) redfish and (undersized) spotted trout. Each would have made a great meal except for those pesky rules about keeping undersized fish. Jim wasn't lucky. Maybe we will have better luck next week. Sunday is supposed to be another great day. I believe we may try surf fishing again. Until later, Your no-longer Reluctant RoVer, but Merry Mariner Linda

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