Friday, September 7, 2012

Making progress

We arrived home on March 12, anticipating that we would remain home for a couple of months. Jim had to have hand surgery, and that would require some recovery time. But surely, we thought, we would be on the road again by mid summer--after we did some remodeling to the inside of our RV.

Well, summer has come and gone, and we are still home. Jim's hand healed, but then he "pinched" a nerve, which debilitated him. Several weeks of physical therapy (and now chiropractic care) later, he is mostly healed and can continue on the remodeling project that he had begun the first week of July.
The "hardwood" tiling project is going along very nicely. It's going to look great!

The end seems to be in sight. He has most of the tile laid down and hopefully will finish this weekend. Then he needs to put a waterproof coating on the roof, with the help of his son and grandson. (Marshall and his family have come back to Jacksonville from Japan, where Jim's daughter-in-law, a warrant officer, was stationed. Jacksonville is her last assignment and they plan to stay here.)

Once that is done, we should be on the road again.

I am still a Reluctant RoVer; I don't want to do this full-time. But I am getting "antsy" to go on a vacation again. I think it is because I am really retired now! All summer I've been busy working as a freelance writer/editor for Reed Elsvier, a large HR publisher. Work has slowed down, and although I anticipate continuing to do projects for the company, I am now a lady of leisure, so to speak. (I even finished reupholstering my dining room chairs this week.)

 So, cross your fingers that Jim will finish the remodeling soon. It's looking good; he's done a good job (as usual).

Until later,

Your Reluctant RoVer,

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