Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby's new friend

February 4, 2012—If you were to walk around this (or any other) RV park, you would see a lot of personalization. I thought perhaps only people who stayed in one spot for a long time—for instance, the winter—would take the time to make their spot homey, but that’s not the case.

The resort where we are staying caters mostly to RVers who stay, at the most, for two weeks. But during that time, they seem to make their mark.

Flags are common, especially if the RVers are from Canada. Lights are also common. Some RVers lay out a carpet under their awnings and their outline the carpet with LED lights. I saw one motorhome with a plaque hung where the front license plate would go, saying “The xxxx’s, xxx and xxx.” (Fill in the xxx’s; I don’t remember their names.) In the front window of another motorhome were assorted stained-glass pieces. And yet another sported a bunch of stuffed animals sitting sentry along the front window pane.

Jim saw something he decided he wanted, and so, our “Baby” now has a new friend, Mr. Peacock, who will be put out by the front door each time we make a new home.We found the metal peacock, whose body is a heavy rock, in one of the shops in Los Algodones. The seller wanted $55; we got it for $30. Bargaining is expected in Mexican shops. Our other tourist buys included a Los Algodones windbreaker and a tee shirt for Jim, and a tee shirt for me.

Several years ago we thought we would buy a Christmas ornament to remember the various places we’ve visited. We have a few, but we rarely put up a Christmas tree anymore, so destination tee shirts seem like a good alternative souvenir. Not only do they remind us where we’ve been (and tell others, too), but they are utile.

Jim’s smile is now complete; we are both happy with the work Gator Dental did for him, and soon our Mexican expedition will be a thing of the past—except that Mr. Peacock and our apparel will remind us of our adventures.

Until next time,

Your Reluctant RoVer,


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