Saturday, January 26, 2013

An easy makeover

Have you ever noticed that once you do something new, the next time it is exponentially easier?

When we bought Junior, we almost immediately realized that the “desk” area (which was an upgrade) would not accommodate our needs. Essentially, the desk consists of an oversized Corian countertop placed on top of a file cabinet. The countertop has an overhang, where (one would assume), you could pull up a chair and use a laptop. The problem? The counter top is about five or six inches too low. It’s not usable. So, on our first trip out, although I could stow our new dedicated printer/copier/scanner on the desk top, to use my laptop, I had to use it on my lap while sitting in the recliner.

Not really ergonomic, and very inconvenient when I wanted to get another cup of coffee.

The dining table and chair sitting-area will be swapped in the remodel.
So, we began to think about creating a desk area. And what did we decide? To replicate what we did in Baby. We will move the dining table to where the easy chair is currently, and move the chair and filing cabinet back to where the dining room table sits.

We discovered that Lowe’s has in-stock cabinets that are a close match to the cherry-colored cabinets in Junior. We will buy two. This time, however, we will be putting on a slightly wider (15”) countertop. It will be made out of one-half of a set of bi-fold doors. We’ll just have to stain them.

I think Jim will be able to do this remodel in one day.

We still have priorities that take precedence over the remodel, but it is nice to know we can easily do this.

Until next time,

Your Reluctant RoVer,

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