Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Good Day Ending with Aching Feet

September 18, 2013, Clermont, Fla.—Oh, my aching feet! And back. And legs.

My body parts aren’t aching quite so much this morning, but last night was another 

We went to Epcot yesterday, and I swear, I think we walked 100 miles. At least it felt that way.
The last time we were at Epcot was before I had knee surgery, and we did not have an electric scooter. I was wearing a knee brace on my left leg. We got half way around the “world” and I really couldn’t go any farther. We had to rest and finally retreat.

Knee surgery has allowed me to walk normally, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get achy feet, legs, and (yes) knees—especially when we walked as much as we did yesterday. (Hiking has never been one of my favorite things, and probably will never be one.)

Fortunately, except for one attraction, we did not have to wait in long lines, thanks to the fact that it is September and kids are in school. The one attraction was worth the 35-minute wait, however. It was Soarin’—a simulated hot air balloon ride over California’s scenic areas, from the desert, to the ocean; from the cities to the mountains. It was wonderful! We felt as if we were really in a hot air balloon.

We only had to wait about five minutes for the other attractions we visited, including the GM race car, which hit a top speed of 65 mph on a straightaway and experienced hairpin turns. We were only in line for a few minutes for the space-training attraction. For that ride, you had a choice: To be an “orange” trainee (which meant more severe training) or a “green” trainee (which meant a milder ride). I chose the green—the first time. After it was done, we rode the attraction again, and I chose to be an orange trainee. Wow! We blasted off and felt the Gs! Awesome.
Singers entertained us while we waited for an animatronics feature at the American pavilion at Epcot. 

Disney has always done a good job on animatronics. Now these humanlike robotic figures are really lifelike. I especially appreciated them in the American pavilion, where Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Mark Twain and others walked and spoke to each other and to the audience.

The night that we arrived here (Monday), we went to Downtown Disney. There we found street entertainment, as well as free boat rides across the lake. Very enjoyable. Our only disappointment was that the Cirque store was closed. In fact, Cirque du Soleil was “black” for this week. We weren’t planning to go to the show, but I wanted to get a coffee mug at the store. When we went to Cirque a few years ago for my birthday, we either did not purchase a mug or we did and it broke. I guess I’m destined not to have that coffee mug in my collection.
Downtown Disney has a tethered hot air balloon that rises 400 feet. I captured it with my phone camera, next to the almost full moon.

Today, thanks to the passes Jim’s son and daughter-in-law gave us (thank you!), we may go back to Disney, probably to the Magic Kingdom, where there are some new attractions since the last time we were there (several years ago). The verdict on whether we go back lies in how Jim’s aching bones feel. As I post this, he’s still asleep!

Until later,

Your Reluctant Rover,


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