Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Serenity at Three Rivers State Park

June 10, 2015—Three Rivers State Park, near Marianna, Fla., and about 45 minutes outside of Tallahassee, is truly beautiful. We can look out at the lake from our campsite. I am sure Lake Seminole has an abundance of fish,but so far, none has been tempted by our feeble attempts to catch them.

I did snag a baby alligator, who thought my worm lure looked appetizing. He spit it out though, so no harm to him or the lure. 

We only fished for a while last night (although I went out this morning while Jim was still asleep), because for a couple of hours yesterday, Jim had to “play” with the wiring on the car.
Lake Seminole at Three Rivers State Park

The baby alligator that liked my fishing lure
He is at it again this morning. With any luck (and skill, since Mr. Fixit always finds a way to correct electrical and mechanical problems), we will have working brake lights today.

We intend to try our luck at fishing this lake. We are also considering going down to the Gulf Coast to try our hand at surf fishing, something we have been wanting to do for a year. Let me see...we live about eight miles from the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville, where we can surf fish, so we drive 238 miles here, then another 60 miles to the coast to try our hand at this type of fishing. Does that make sense? And how about fishing in lakes and rivers? Again, the Jacksonville area has an abundance of water around it, but we drove five hours to go fishing in this state park.

Of course, fishing was just one of the reasons for this trip. The main purpose for this trek was to get away for awhile, since it had been so long since we had taken a vacation. (I know, I know: When you are retired life is supposed to be one continual vacation. Unfortunately, it is not.)

I have no internet access; I have a T-Mobile hotspot, but T-Mobile does not work in this area. (Fortunately, my AT&T-based Cricket cell phone operates well.) We only get one TV station during the day, and it breaks up at night.

I think all that quiet is called serenity.

Until later,

Your Reluctant RoVer,

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