Friday, January 20, 2017

Glassworks in St. Pete

Glass-making never fails to amaze me. And when it is done by a master, the results are just awesome.

A few years ago, when Jim and I were in Tampa, we visited the St. Petersburg Morean Art Center, where we saw the glassworks of Dale Chihuly. We had seen a roving Chihuly exhibit in Orlando a number of years earlier. (I purchased three posters at that exhibit. I believe they cost me $35 each. Getting them framed cost $400! But they are worth it. I love those posters.)

We learned that a new Chihuly museum opened in St. Pete, so we decided to go see it.

Although the exhibit is in a new building, I don’t think there were new pieces on display. We enjoyed seeing the exhibit again, but we were disappointed that there were no additional pieces exhibited.

St. Pete seems like a nice community. When I was growing up, I only knew of St. Pete as a retiree community; it was where Midwesterners emigrated. Jim said it was known as the place where northerners went to die;]. Today I would say, not so much. The area surrounding the museum is known as the Art District, and it seems to attract a younger crowd, with many galleries, eateries, trendy shops, and bars.

I liked St. Pete; Tampa, maybe not so much—at least during rush hour. It took us about 90 minutes to get “home,” when it should have taken half that time. I think I would like Tampa (better than Jacksonville), but I would not want to work and commute in Tampa. (I wouldn’t want to commute in Jacksonville either, but Tampa is worse.)

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