Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Merry Mariner says 'good-bye'

 All good things come to an end. And thus, we decided to end our boat-club membership.

Don't get me wrong: We really enjoyed fishing and going out on the water. (Jim enjoyed boating more than I, however.) But, although the Jax Boat Club had six boats for fishing, only three had trolling motors, and usually only one of those three would be in working order. And unfortunately, we generally didn't learn which ones were inoperable until we took a boat out. The type of fishing we enjoyed doing really required a trolling motor, so it was frustrating not having the equipment we needed and were paying for with our monthly dues.

So, we decided the frustration was not worth the money we were paying.

We still have our Port-a-Boat, but I believe we will put that up for sale soon. The folding boat is an excellent idea, but with Jim's rotator-cuff problems, putting it together is a bit challenging. After we sell it, we may decide to get a skiff that we can park in our backyard. We'll see.

In the meantime, it is back to dock/pier fishing as well as surf fishing (which Jim enjoys the most). So, the Merry Mariner who learned to drive and even dock a boat is no more, at least for right now. 

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