Saturday, October 19, 2013

A home show for RVers

Have you ever gone to a home show? Jim and I usually go to both spring and fall home shows put on in Jacksonville. It's fun to walk around and see new merchandise. It's also a good time to talk with venders about products we might be in the market for in the near future.

RV shows are home shows for a very mobile audience. The venders at RV shows specialize in items that are unique to recreational vehicles, and believe me, you could go broke if you gave into impulse buying. But, like home shows, RV shows are good places to gather information for future purchases. Sometimes you get really good bargains, too.

Yesterday, we purchased one of those bargains--Good Sam travel benefits and assistance. For a discounted price of $79 for one year, I bought peace of mind, should an emergency occur while we are away from home.

The travel plan is actually a specialized insurance program. If either of us had a medical emergency, the plan would take care of getting us home. It would also take care of the cost of getting the RV home--plus other benefits and assistance, such as finding a doctor or vet. Two years ago this type of travel benefit was included in the membership for FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association). However, FMCA dropped the benefit as part of its membership package and started selling it separately, just as Good Sam does. The $79 is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

As we wander through the vender buildings, Jim is gathering information on such things as stabilizer bars, batteries, LED light systems, replacement awning fabric, and water pumps. Who knows if we will buy any of these things?

In the meantime, we look and lust after all the aftermarket products available to moneyed RVers. And we sign up for drawings and get free samples of products that "guaranteed to change our life."

It's all in fun.

Until next time,

Your Reluctant RoVer,

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