Saturday, October 26, 2013

Home again

October 26, 2013, Jacksonville, Fla.--We're home.

This trip we put 906 miles on Junior. We traveled up to Atlanta, across Georgia to Augusta, across South Carolina to Charleston, and then back home to Jacksonville. 

We saw beautiful rolling countryside, antebellum mansions and plantations, and the Beach Boys. We drank Coca Cola soft drinks from around the world, ate Gullah cuisine, and mastered Atlanta's mass transit system. 

This trip we didn't drive on any levees, get stuck in sand dunes, or follow bad coordinates around an oxbow lake. 

We did learn that we could dry camp for a week on 100 gallons of water, our solar panels, and our generator. We also learned that we didn't miss TV too much. We did not take our satellite system, and the antenna failed to pick up many TV stations. Good books make good traveling companions. 

Our only real "excitement" resulted from two electrical electrical problems. One was a faulty GFI breaker in Junior; the other was a faulty breaker at the last RV park in South Carolina. These problems took away from our tourist time and were troubling for a while, but as usual, my husband was able to figure out what was wrong and fixed it. 

Our cats even became good travelers. Although Xena left unwanted "gifts" three times outside of the litter box, she and Charlie got along pretty well. They didn't hide; they found comfortable places to sleep while we traveled. Charlie even sat in my lap most of the time while we were driving.

We had a good trip. Even though we didn't go far, we saw a lot. We are even thinking about Georgia or South Carolina as possible places where we might relocate to. Time will tell on that issue.

All that said, I'm glad to be home. It is a beautiful evening here. Our little lake is still as a mirror, reflecting the setting sun. I've topped off the swim/spa and turned up the heat, so tomorrow I'll take a swim. And then I'll get ready to take my next trip--to Chicago. I leave Wednesday. The trip won't be as comfortable (I'm going by air), but I'll be seeing grandkids, and that will make up for the couple hours of discomfort in the cattle-car environment of the airplane.

Until later,

Your Reluctant RoVer,


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