Monday, August 29, 2011


August 29—Charlie keeps us mystified. Even though we closed off his hiding place, my scaredy cat has still managed to disappear.
Last night we boondocked in a rest area. After we got settled in, Charlie still had not reappeared, so Jim took another look for him. We had not opened the cupboards, but Jim decided to pull out the drawer, behind which we had found him before.
And there he was! How did he get there? Well, perhaps we had left the cupboard door open, we thought.
So this morning, I made sure that no doors were open, yet minutes after we started the engine, he was gone, into thin air.
Intent on finding his hiding place, I pulled the drawer out, and there he was, cowering behind it.
How did he get in? When the slide is in, there is a “hole” behind a kitchen cabinet. He must have jumped into the hole and then found a space at the bottom of the cupboard. He then crawled into his safe space.
I’m amazed that my skinny little kitty could be so flexible to get into such a small space, but he did.
I took the drawer out so that he could come out more easily and not get crushed, should we camp in an RV park tonight.
Before we travel again, Jim will have to patch up those holes. But at least we know where Charlie goes.
Until next time,
YourReluctant RoVer,

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