Friday, August 12, 2011


The cats are not happy campers—especially Charlie.
When we began planning our trip, the question arose, “Where do we put the litter box?” (A 38-foot motorhome does not have a lot of floor space or out-of-the-way niches for such things.) We finally came upon a solution: Put the litter box in the cabinet under the sink. Our plan was to remove a door to allow the cats to become acclimated to the box’s location. Once that was accomplished, we intended to modify the door by replacing its wooden panel with a cat door. Mission accomplished! The cats would have a private toilet and we would have a kitchen cabinet with a door.
Good plan, except that as soon as Jim fired up the motorhome, Charlie hightailed it to the cabinet and cowered on its shelf, and Xena jumped into the litter box on the lower level! They stayed there until they were sure we had stopped for the evening.
We didn’t want Xena to sleep in her sandbox, so this trip after the first night, we moved the box out from the cabinet. Xena still jumped into the cabinet and slept on the floor, with Charlie kept on the shelf above her.
After a couple of days, Xena no longer felt the need to travel hidden in the cabinet. Generally she curled up on the floor near my leather recliner and occasionally even roamed the living area, asking for a little rubbing. She was the brave one.
Charlie has been the scaredy-cat. He doesn’t reappear from his hiding spot until we’ve stopped for quite a long time. And he’s the first to hide in the morning.
We arrived in Yuma yesterday afternoon. The kitties came out of hiding and are getting used to their new confines. A few minutes ago, Xena jumped up onto the dash (the cats’ picture window to the world) and spied something new: a bunny rabbit! She really, really wanted to go play. But, of course, she cannot.
She—and Charlie—will have to be content to watch.
Until next time,
Your Reluctant RoVer, Linda

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