Saturday, August 20, 2011


August 20—The deed is done. We have new smiles.
Yesterday morning we went back to the dentist to have our crowns put on. I was first (since I had fewer to do). Then Jim took the chair and let the dentist go to work.
When we were finished the dentist gave us each a mouth gard, which we are to wear to avoid teeth grinding and damaging the crowns.

Getting an entire set of crowns is different from getting only one or two teeth capped. Theoretically, the bite matches up; realistically, some adjustments are necessary. This morning we went back for some minor adjustments on mine, which now feel much more comfortable. Even with that, however, the new bite takes some getting used to—especially for Jim, who has both upper and lower sets.
The dentist asked to see us again in January. At that time, he may make some adjustments to Jim’s bite; I think mine will be OK.
Were we planning to return then? Yes and no. Ever since we bought this RV, Jim has been reading about RV rallies and has wanted to participate in one. The biggest one of the year is in Quarzite, Ariz., in January, and that small desert town is only about 90 miles from Yuma. (A couple million RVers camp out on BLM land. Apparently there are workshops, get-togethers, and temporary RV stores to satisfy the needs of all attendees.) We were already planning to travel at least as far as Dallas to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday in late January. Now we’ll have two “excuses” to be out west (three, if you add in the dentist).
Was the trip to Los Algodones worthwhile? Absolutely yes. The quality of work was very good—I think better than some of the dental work I’ve had done over the years. And the cost was a fraction of what we would have paid in the States. On top of that, we have had a vacation in our motorhome, which has been very nice and relaxing (aside from the minor problems we encountered as well as getting stuck in the sand dunes…). I would recommend the experience to anyone, and I would give you our dentist’s name.
Until later,
Your Reluctant RoVer,

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