Saturday, November 30, 2013

A day for gratitude

November 30, 2013--The sun is shining; it is cold outside. But our hearts are warm. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We had much to be thankful for this year. My greatest thanks was that my husband not only survived his accident in May, but has healed. It was a miracle (in my book) that he did not die on May 23, when he fell from the roof of the RV. Now, here he is, again transporting us across the countryside, in good health.

Another of my thanks was to be with half of my family. My son is a source of great pride for me. He is following a passion to do some good in the world. We don't know where this will lead yet, and we may not see the fruits of his long labors for a period of time. But his thinking and his work have caused a change in how he sees the world. It's been a tough journey to this point, but who said life is easy?

I am thankful for Rob's wife Corky, who is a loving and supportive woman. We've known each other for around 18 years. I believe we are now good friends.

I am thankful for my grandchildren (all four of them). Each has his or her talents and blossoms on their personality. Campbell is effervescent and deep into her ice skating. Ben is a little wit and is thoroughly taken up with gymnastics. Maddie is a beautiful teenager/young woman, who absorbs what is going on around her with a quiet curiosity. And Jackson, full of energy, is astoundingly knowledgeable about computers and Ipads. I love them all with my whole heart.

We didn't do as much "tourist" stuff around Raleigh as we had planned, but we had a wonderful time.

Until next time,

Your Reluctant Rover,

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