Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Cat's Meow

Feb. 20, 2014—Charlie, our 16-year-old-on-death’s-door cat, is still around.

Tuesday afternoon we brought Junior (our motorhome) to the house so that we could load and leave on Wednesday morning. Charlie, who almost never goes into the front yard, saw (or heard) the motorhome and sat in the middle of the driveway, watching us go in and out of the house with our belongings.

And, like a puppy dog, he started following us—into and out of Junior!

We couldn’t get over it.

I think he is confused (probably a little dementia).

When we were ready to leave Wednesday morning, of course, he took off and hid. We were smart, though, and had closed doors and locked the outside cat door, so he couldn’t hide too well. We found him under our bed. He came out not too reluctantly.

Xena was no problem, either. She wasn’t as happy about going into the motorhome as Charlie, but once we got underway, they were both fine. Charlie spent a lot of time in my lap. Xena slept on the bed.

They may be Reluctant RoVers, but they are coming around.

P.S. Charlie seems to be doing well, and actually may have gained a little weight. I guess it isn’t his time yet.

Until next time,
Your Reluctant RoVer,


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