Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gone fishin'

February 23, 2014--We went fishing, but we didn't do much catching. Despite this, we had a lot of fun.

The waters around here are supposed to provide some of the best fishing in Florida. But you couldn't prove it by us. Jim caught two or three throw-backs. I think I had two. So for dinner tonight it will be pulled pork...not exactly an angler's catch!

We did put our new fishing knowledge to work, but unfortunately, the fish seemed to prefer the lines and bait of the people down the bridge from us. While we stood there, throwing our lines in the water, the husband and wife 30 feet away pulled in a couple of "keeper" bluefish. Nice! They were using chunked-up bait fish. We were using clams. I guess the fish didn't like our gourmet dinner as much as theirs.

Jim is attempting to take the little puffer fish off my line. The little critter came out of the water and blew up like a balloon!
After a couple of hours, we drove down the highway a bit and pulled into a parking space by the intracoastal waters. I swore there were no fish in those shallow waters. Jim says the fish are the same, both sides of the highway. I suppose he is right, but we didn't get very many nibbles, let alone catch any.

Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day. It's just nice being out in the warm 80 degree sun and breathing in the fresh salt air.

We are going to the RV park's ice cream social in an hour. I think we'll have better luck eating our dessert (before dinner) than we did pulling in the big ones.

Until later,

Your Reluctant RoVer,


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