Monday, December 16, 2013

A cool day in the Keys

December 16, 2013--The balmy weather that greeted us when we arrived on Saturday is less balmy now, but also less humid. We considered going to Key West today, but nixed that idea when the weather forecast said it would be mostly cloudy. You can't see a good sunset in overcast skies!

What to do? Well, just take it easy.

I received my next two assignments from my editor at Reed Elsvier (for the project I am helping with), but she said she was not in a hurry because of other more pressing deadlines on her end. I worked a bit, anyway, but then turned to a book I had downloaded before leaving home.

Jim decided it would be a good day to hook up all the stereo/blue ray/satellite components. Now we're in business. The resort has cable tv, but we brought our satellite receiver and hard drive. Good thing; there is little on TV tonight, so we can watch some of the movies we've been saving for a "rainy day."

This resort is by no means 5 stars. It would be begging to get 2 stars, probably. Since we were here (I think three years ago) they did improve the fitness room. And they have WIFI throughout the park. Only trouble is that sometimes I can't connect. Frustrating.

What is more frustrating is that I cannot connect with my T-Mobile hotspot. I purchased a month's worth of time (2 gigbytes of data) on the supposition that I would be able to use the device here. I even checked out the availability of 4G service in this area! Yeah, I occasionally get 4G, but with only 1 bar--not enough to connect to the Internet. I am going to complain to T-Mobile. When the hotspot works, it works well. But when it doesn't, well, it is frustrating. Yesterday, because of its failure to work and because I couldn't connect via the resort's WIFI, I went to the office. There I could connect easily. It's a pain, though, to trek over there for connectivity.

One of the projects that is quickly moving up on Jim's to-do list is to enhance our WIFI connectivity ability. We've been reading about using an external antenna booster and a router to create a hotspot, using the resort's WIFI. Everything we've researched indicates that this improves capacity considerably. You only need line-of-sight. I can't wait until he gets that done.

The cats are doing great. They traveled well; have behaved; and are even starting to take an interest in going outside. Of course, their greatest interest is when they don't have a leash on. They still don't like the leash. Last night, though, they did stay outside for a while and even walked around a bit.

No great (mis)adventures to report. Just a nice day in the almost sunny Florida Keys.

Until next time,

Your Reluctant RoVer,


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