Saturday, December 14, 2013

We could have danced all night!

December 14, 2013--Jim lived in West Palm Beach for about 26 years, and for many of them he worked as a travel agent. One of the clubs he was active in was Bon Vivants, a group involved in the travel industry. He has maintained his membership in the group, and occasionally we get together with the group. Last night was one of those occasions.

The Bon Vivants host a holiday party. Most everybody dresses up. Jim cleaned his tux, and I pulled out one of my long dresses, and we partied!

We had a great time. The live band was great, and they played the right kind of music--oldies, especially from the '60s. (I guess they knew the audience!)

I kicked off my shoes, and Jim and I danced--fast ones as well as slow ones. We really had a great time. We could have danced all night, but the band stopped playing at 11.

Our visit to West Palm had a dual purpose: The dance was one. Visiting with Bo (Jim III) and his family was the other. Bowen will turn 7 in February. He's getting to be a big boy! He didn't want to wait until Christmas to open the gift we brought him, but, mom and dad said he had to, so wait he will.

Until later,

Your Reluctant RoVer,

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