Friday, December 13, 2013

Finally...the sparks fly!

December 13, 2013--We arrived at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound, Fla., late yesterday afternoon. We leveled the rig, put out the slides, hooked up the water, sewer, and finally the electricity. And we waited for the electrical power to kick in.

No such luck.

Every time we have traveled in this "new" motorhome, we have had an electrical problem. And every time, Jim has sleuthed until he thought he found the source of the problem. Apparently not, however, because again we had no electricity coming into the RV.

Jim tested everything, including (this time) the electrical chord. One "leg" of the chord was not conducting electricity, so he concluded the chord was faulty. It happens. Chords get yanked on every time they are used, and wires can break.

It was about 4:30. I started calling RV parts stores in the area. We found one that was still open, and the clerk said he could have a chord for us in the morning. Cost: $217, with tax. He would call us in the a.m. when it was delivered.

Jim managed to get us limited electricity for the evening. In the morning he said he had to test one more thing: the reel to which the chord is attached.

Lo and behold! When he took apart the reel, he found the source of the problem. Two of the contact points (similar to brushes in an electrical motor) were worn down. He managed to clean them up and get electricity restored. (Have I mentioned that my husband can fix anything?)

The fix he made was temporary. He'll make a permanent fix once we return home. But in the meantime, we are back in business.

The chord we ordered? Well, it was special-ordered. The dealer was super nice; we gladly paid a $25 restocking fee.

Such is the life of the Reluctant RoVer.

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