Friday, December 20, 2013

Here fishie, here fishie!

December 20, 2013--I know there are fish in the ocean. And I know there are BIG fish in the ocean. They just weren't where we went fishing.

Actually, yesterday, Jim caught perhaps eight fish; I caught one, if you want to count the one that bit onto Jim's bait while I was holding his pole. I pulled it in. Unfortunately, none of the fish was big enough to keep. Most seemed to be some type of snapper. I think there was a trigger fish or two as well as a hogfish.

Today, I caught the first fish, and eight more after that. One time I caught two at once! (We were using two leads on each rig.) Jim caught just about as many as I did. (He didn't keep count.) Alas! None were keepers. So, we are leaving the Keys without a good homemade fish dinner fresh out of the ocean.

The fish off the pier will miss us. We fed them a total of two pounds of squid. They ate it up like crazy. I don't think anybody went to bed hungry yesterday or today.

The resort had a holiday pool party this afternoon. We rode our bicycles down and sat around drinking some sort of punch. We couldn't snack on the crackers and dips, but later they had a mashed potato bar--sort of like a baked potato bar where you load up with all kinds of fixings--only this was a cup of mashed potatoes.

After the party we decided to try our hand at lure fishing. It seems, however, that the fish around here are no dummies. We didn't even get a little bite.

Tomorrow we leave here. We'll go as far as Hobe Sound (half way), about five hours. Then we'll be home Sunday.

It has been an excellent vacation.

Until later,

Your Reluctant RoVer,


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